My name is Rinus Bot. I am a creative director and filmmaker based in Amsterdam. I take an explicit interdisciplinary approach to creation. You'll find me on a filmset, in the edit booth, at a boardroom meeting, crafting bold strategies, digging through code, soundscaping with synthesizers, and hosting interactive spaces for co-creation. Letting myself be inspired by the interplay of different disciplines, brings me to unique insights and acts as a crowbar for meaningful innovation.

In the things I create, I strive to foster an environment that encourages a longer attention span, critical thinking and intentional engagement. In a society where our focus is a commodity, where the constant barrage of information and rapid changes can often overwhelm us, this space becomes essential. It is not only highly desired but also incredibly empowering and vital, offering a useful antidote to the chaos and reclaiming our mental sovereignty.

I believe in the power of intrinsic motivation to get things moving. This means I will actively approach organizations and set up projects that align with my core values. My Rolodex of trusted partners helps me in swiftly setting up any creative endeavour. Investing in long lasting partnerships based on mutual respect for each others time and effort is something i deeply value.

I am currently working on a tragicomic fiction film and exploring ways to innovate educational systems.

I love chocolate and I never miss a deadline.

_some tangible successes_


_Propedeuse Film Science at the University of Amsterdam_Bachelor Industrial Design at the Technical University of Delft_Minor in Design at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)_Master Media Technology at Leiden University_

_organisations I've proudly worked with_

Greenpeace_Bits of Freedom_VICE_Follow the Money_TU Delft_University of Leiden


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